Introducing the PENN® Battle® III

From your first striper to your hundredth red drum, the PENN® Battle® III is the ultimate reel for every angler.

The Penn Experience

See PENN in action. From fighting the illusive Ulua off the coast of Hawaii to cooking up gourmet meals with the catch of the day, see how PENN pros are making their gear work for them.

Penn Inshore Fishing

This gear has everything you need for time on the water and more casual applications— from the most trusted name in fishing. You need the perfect weapon for the most dynamic battlefield in saltwater. PENN has you covered.

Stanczyk Swordfishing Dynasty

To Captain Nick Stanczyk, the sea is like family. He grew up alongside it and learned to read it, fish it, and love it. From hunting swordfish with his father to raising his own daughter on the water, Captain Stanczyk has always lived his life in sync with the sea.

The Penn Battle® III

From your first striper to your hundredth red drum, the Penn® Battle® III is the ultimate reel for every angler.

Low Profile Reels

Introducing the Squall® and Fathom® low profile reels. Geared specifically for inshore anglers, these low profile reels are designed to withstand the harshest of saltwater environments.

The Penn Clash II

The Clash II is lightweight, precise, and most importantly: durable. Cast after cast, and catch after catch this reel will stay smooth and strong.

Justin Quintal: world-famous long boarder & angler

Justin Quintal is many things. World longboarding champion. Surfboard designer. Storm chaser. Red drum slayer. But first and foremost, Quintal is the Trashgator.

Meet the Ulua

Few men are brave and patient enough to scale the massive cliffs and face the raging waves to battle the elusive monster below. However, those who can stand this epic test of strength, skill, and courage will bring home a trophy unlike any other.

Bow to the Silver King

It’s that time of year again; the tarpon have left their winter haunts and are on the hunt for their next meal. Now is the time to put your gear, and yourself, to the test against these drag-screaming, high-flying gamefish.

Sea to Table

For some, cooking is just a necessity. For Captain Jamie Hough, it’s a way to bring his fishing to life and share it with the people around him. Learn how cooking became a part of Captain Jamie’s life and how he became not just an accomplished Captain, but a MasterChef as well.

Meet Captain Peter Deeks

Being on the water chasing your passion of fishing and guiding day after day and year after year takes grit and perseverance.

Steward of the Sea

Open water, warm Hawaiian winds, and a bounty of fish beneath the surface. For many, Hawaii is paradise. For Hawaiian kayak fishing guide and PENN Fleet Captain Jon-Jon Tabon, the waters off the Maui coast have made him a student and a steward of the sea.

Not Easy, But Worth It

The sport of fishing is changing, and women are leading the way. Discover the history and the future of women in the sport.

Sailfish Destinations, Tactics, and Experts

Beyond the sweeping skylines and nightlife of Miami lies a battle in the deep blue. A fight that takes wit, endurance, and a healthy need for adrenaline. Your worthy opponent is the sailfish.

Battle the Elements in Key West

Discover the thrill of paddle board fishing for bonefish, tarpon, and sharks. No matter what season you fish, Key West offers solid shots at some of the best bottom fishing in the state of Florida.

This is Our Obsession

Surf fishing is simple in practice but learning to read the water, time the tides, and choose the best gear can turn a nice day at the beach into an action-packed fishing trip.

Deep Dive With the Penn Pros

Discover pro tips from our expert PENN Fleet Captains on how to bring your fishing to the next level and get the most out of your time on the water.